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Katharina boosts her happiness.

Our brain works a lot like a game of Tetris. Mistakes keep stacking up while the successes disappear. Katharina decided to focus on the moments that make her happy—and by capturing the best of her day in hiMoment, she took her happiness into her own hands.

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Ramin tracks his personal growth.

Celebrating your little successes does wonders to your motivation along the journey to acquire kind of a skill or a trait. Ramin wanted to focus on his job skills—and by logging his progress in hiMoment, he stays motivated and focused on his goals.

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Karin saves all her precious memories.

There are just some memories in our lives that deserve to be relived again and again. Karin cares about the time spent with her family—and by saving all the little joyful family occasions in hiMoment, she makes sure they will never, ever get forgotten.

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